February 14, 2015

Luisenpark Mannheim - just a few pics

The Luisenpark in Mannheim is usually a place to go in better weather. Therefore my visit today was a short one - a longer one will certainly take place in Spring.

There are quite a few storks in the park - their nests are everywhere - this one stood on a roof for his grooming session. 

Inside of the first of several greenhouses live these beautiful iguanas.

One of the main attractions of the park is the butterfly house. Regrettably the sun was not out when I was there, because when it does the colors of the butterflies come out much better.

There is even a small artificial rivulet inside.

Directly adjacent is the "jungle house" - the air humidity is very high in there which results in water condensating on the leafs.

There are not a lot of blooming plants at the moment. One of the few I saw were these orchids and rhododendrons. 

It started to rain then and I decided to cut this visit short and rather come back in sunshine. As you can see this stork was unperturbed by the rain and stayed on its lookout.

Last but not least some impressions in black and white.