Who let the dogs out?

In the past I rarely got the chance to take pictures of dogs. Due to the fact that I became a member of a network that offers rainbow photo shoots I definitely wanted to get a feeling for the canine furfaces, because with such a shooting there are oftentimes no second chances.


I was lucky enough to get invited to use three terrific dogs as guinea pigs. The light was awful, but I was very pleased with the outcome nevertheless - mainly due to the fact that taking pictures of dogs in actions turned out to be not as frightening as I feared. ;)


So here are the furry protagonists Bob (a 10 year old American labrador), Humboldt (a 2 year old Large Swiss Mountain Dog) and Sue (a 10 year old Spanish herding dog). 

Bob has such a wonderful wise aura - of course the white snout helps with that. 

If he wants to, he can still be quite active though.

Humboldt reminds me of one of these bouncing balls. Always in action, always moving. Playful and friendly. 

Happy Humboldt

He is always up for a flirt too.

Beautiful Lady Sue was - of course - a bit more relaxed than the boys. But she did play along with them - and she had a real liking for digging up mice (or at least keep trying to do so). 

Bob was not allowed to enjoy the piece of wood he had gathered in peace. Humboldt wanted to know all about it.

Throw it!

Humboldt: "Yay - treats!" ... "What do you mean, you don't have any with you?!"