My Cats aka The Furfaces

Cats share my life since 1997 and I will never again want to miss their company. And of course they are also great subjects for pictures.

Kezia Kiona du Grand Jardin (*August 17, 2010) - I took her in in March 2014 after her breeder, my good friend Carmen Erdmann, had died unexpectedly. 

Woody Woodpecker from Madepi Coons (*29. April 2016) - since September 2018 this big gentle bear shares his life with us. How this got to be, you can read here (only in German).

Birdie (*May 2012) - he had been abused by his former owner and ended up at an animal shelter. I adopted him from there in July 2013.

Cameo du Grand Jardin (*September 30, 2007) - he moved in as a cuddle partner for Gizmo, because the older cats weren't having any of that. It was love at first sight and since then he and Gizmo are best buddies.

Gizmo from Glowing Eyes (*April 23, 2007; +July 23, 2018) - I always loved the look and the character description of Maine Coons so when I got Gizmo it was a gift to myself. He is a big cat with an even bigger heart.

Gizmo died rather unexpected even after he had been ill for a long time. You can find Birdie's obituary for Gizmo here (only in German).

Lucky (*May 2000; +July 10, 2014) - got rescued nearly starved and I adopted him when he was approximately two years old as a partner for Kimba. 

Lucky died after complications of a pancreatitis.

Kimba (*July 1997; +May 25, 2013) - my first cat. He was born as a feral cat and I adopted him when he was just about three months old. Kimba was always "my" cat - until he mellowed a bit with age no one else was allowed to touch him. He was my furry soulmate.

Kimba died after complications of a bladder infection and heart problems.