August 8, 2015


Another visit at Tiergarten Worms


This relatively small tiergarten is not far away from where I live and it is always a great place to go for a leisurely stroll while watching the various animals.

One of the first animals you come across after entering the park are the majestic rheas. 

One of them apparently had enough of the heat and took a nap - facedown in the shade.

Passing beautiful flamingos...

... I saw a stork who was sitting ironically right on top of the stork camera that is pointed inside the nest. 

The heat made most of the animals pretty drowsy and a lot of them were looking for relief near one of the many ponds.

Does not matter if it is a duck...

... or a sparrow.

What I had never seen before were meerkats that were not acting cuddly with each other. I came upon what looked like a veritable family brawl. 

These two were completely unperturbed by the ruckus. 

I was lucky enough to reach the wolf compound just shortly before they were being fed an afternoon snack of fledglings. Those are absolutely amazing animals. 

Expectant right before and during the feeding.

An ox looked less than pleased that I disturbed his meal - or that I caught him with his mouth full of grass.

There is a part of the park where deer are moving around freely which is a highlight especially for the kids, because these deer are so used to humans that they can even be petted.

In the compound of the racoons is an artificial waterway - one of them really enjoyed staying there in the relative coolness near the water.

The others where scattered around on the grass and below trees and you could tell they were feeling really hot. 

I guess this one could only be described as Grumpy Old Coon.

There is also an walk-in aviary. As you can see on one of the pics there is a water hose that sprays water so the birds can cool down a bit. 

The beauty of horse eyes always makes me smile.

In the half shade a family of pigs was napping.

Fluttering around them were the ever present sparrows - and one lonely chicken - in search of grains. 

The heat got a bit too much then and I left the tiergarten, but I am sure that this was not my last visit.