October 18, 2014


Autumn around the Rietburg


With the weather still being very mild for the season I decided to head for the Rietburg. The area around and below it is one of my favorite spots. I was here around the same time last year and the colors are just as beautiful this year. 

In order to get up there you need to take a chair lift - or hike up on the trails through the forest. Starting in the shadow of the trees the lift enters the sunlight a bit further up the mountain.

"Swinging Forbidden" - not sure who would want to try that anyway, but I guess they wanted to make very sure that no one gets any stupid ideas about it.

On the way up the surrounding forest shows its wildness and how steep the slope is as well as glimpses of the valleys below.

Close to the top you get rewarded with this stunning view of the valley below.

On top of the mountain is a very untamed forest where the ground is littered with smaller and larger sandstone rocks.

There are quite a few stumps around that are not only the home for insects but are also a great canvas for showing green moss life and dead brown leaves.

Every now and then there are also sandstones with carvings to be found. 

A glimpse of the Rietburg through the trees - and another view of the valley below.

The view through the colorful leaves towards the valley.

On the Rietburg itself is a restaurant that offers very good regional food. You should also not miss out on the seasonal variations of these specialities. 

While you enjoy the food on the terrace you get these vistas in addition for free. 

Due to the fact that this food leans more towards the rich in calories side of things you might want to hike down on the many trails that lead through the forest instead of using the chair lift.

This is the beginning of one of these trails.

When choosing a path that passes below the Rietburg there are still a few places where at least parts of the stone walls can be seen. 

The forest tracks have sometimes a nearly mystical appearance. This could have to do with the contrast of the dry and the still colorful leaves - but also with the forest floor being dappled with light and shadow. The vistas through branches are stunning too and give you an impression of how high you still are. All of this makes the walk an experience to remember.

Perfectly placed bench - with a perfect view of the valley.

Passing a sandstone fountain...

... I came to the entrance of an orchard where the sunlight looked great on the colorful leaves.

Next to the road there were some dew-covered blades of grass. That was quite surprising, because the day had been relatively warm.

A small copse of trees shades a well.

The way back up to the Villa Ludwigshoehe. 

A tree providing the background for a play of light and shadow.

Yellow splashes of color in the midst of dry branches and leaves - and a bud that should not be there in Autumn.

The last things I saw bevor leaving - an old pump - and a fountain dedicated to Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria.

And again there are a few black-and-white pictures to show the complete change in mood they can create.