August 2, 2014


Kurpfalz-Park Wachenheim


This wildlife park is located just a few kilometers from my hometown. Besides beautiful vistas it offers a bird of prey demonstration and the opportunity to watch the feeding of the resident wolves.

After entering the forest through a wooden gate it did not take long until I could see the first deer between the trees.

One doe stood calmly right next to the path - until the vehicle of forest workers disturbed it. It then basically flew through the trees to get away from that noise.

The forest has a very peaceful air about it.

I followed that vehicle in the assumption that it was on its way to feed the deer - and I was right. A whole meadow full of wonderfully majestic deer is really a sight to see.


And a pretty funny one too, because the air was filled with the sound of them munching and crunching on the carrots.

One of the stags was apparently totally amazed and/or baffled by the clicking thing in my hand - and that is how he looked at me.

Just on the other side of the path a pony and a mule shared a meadow. And it seems they do love their share of carrots too.

A bit further down the path was a paddock with sheep - and they were feeding on - you guessed it - carrots - although there was also a crib with hay.

The path to the next pens passes several ponds - one of them nearly completely covered by algae.


The calm dark water shows sometimes very nice mirror images. 

One of the pens at the end of the path houses another family of deer - including two fawns.

In the neighboring pen was a group of donkeys.

It included this adorable little colt whose ears look like he might never grow into them.

In search for milk he kept following around his exasperated mother who would have preferred eating her breakfast in peace.

The way back to the main area of the park passes one of the huge deer refugiums. People can sit on the banks along the fence and watch the deer without disturbing them.

The cage of the lynx is located near the end of the path.

While I was watching it the lynx started a lengthy grooming session with an astonishingly long tongue.

By now it was time to pass the wolf compound...

... and head for the bird of prey demonstration.


Before the show started some of the birds could be seen sitting on posts next to the show area.

The sharp features of those birds are really beautiful.

The attitude of the first owl could be seen later again during the show where it kept stomping around on its pole - mostly ignoring the falconer. Angry Bird in real life.

Its mood improved marginally when the falconer tossed it a chick.

This wonderful falcon earned its reward - raw meat in form of a chick.

I caught this giant owl as it was just about to fly off.

Same with this one - a different owl variety.

After the show was finished I made my way towards the exit. 


I had to stop at the racoons, because these little guys are always worth watching for a while.

These little huts can be found all over the park. They invite people to sit and have a picnic or just enjoy the scenery. 

There are also several spots where people can have a barbecue if they bring their own food. This is one of the bigger ones.

Very close to the exit is the children's zoo that is mainly inhabited by goats - including several adorable kids - but also several rabbits. 

I made it back to the car just in time before a downpour. 


Conclusion: The Kurpfalz-Park is a great place to visit not only for photographers in search of motifs but also - if not even more so - for families with kids, because there are also quite a few other attractions that are not animal related, as well as playgrounds.