May 1, 2013


The Zoo in Landau


Today I went for a photo hunt to that zoo in Landau that I had heard about. And even though the day was pretty cold and overcast and sometimes there was even a little drizzle included in the mix, it turned out that the place was quite interesting. 


I really loved the Siberian tigers. Majestic and huge they still move with that special grace that all cats have, be they big or small. 

There was a brave, yet unfortunate rat, that met its quick demise once the tiger spotted it while I was watching the tigers. 

Following the paths I came across quite a few birds on my way. 

The little things that one usually passes without seeing them can be quite interesting, too.

The seals were very playful and offered their audience quite the show by chasing each other through their pool or "singing" on the deck. 

In the monkey house there was the cutest baby monkey you can imagine - but like any kid, he did not always want to comply with his mother's wishes. This ended up with mommie monkey picking him up and holding him in front of her horizontally, so she could finish grooming him in peace.

The other members of the "flying monkey circus".

The rest of the zoo animals.

Last, but not least, the flora that could be found around the zoo.