September 5, 2014


Maudacher Bruch


The Maudacher Bruch (Bruch stems from "brook") is a recreational area just outside Ludwigshafen. It is not only popular for people who want to take a stroll (often with their dogs) but also for joggers. 

Following the sign I headed towards the little lake that is called "Hunter's Pond". 


Along the path the first harbingers of Autumn were already visible.

This was the first glimpse I caught of the lake - and I immediately felt the peace and serenity of that place.

There are many beautiful walkways that sometimes even look like they were leading into some kind of mystical forest. I followed the one that leads around the lake. 

Along those pathways are beautiful meadows. The border to the forest itself is mostly set by hedges that are covered in white blossoms.

On one of the blades of grass next to the track I saw this beautiful dragonfly.

I love thistles so of course I had to spend some time taking pictures of the ones I found in one of the meadows.

The blades of grass are actually great motives too - in all their delicate detail.

Along the walkways are many benches. They are mostly located with a great view towards the lake.

The shores are mostly covered in various reeds.

This little guy was clinging to one of the plants. 

And this snail had glued itself to a leaf in the middle of a bush.

Now I will no longer keep you in suspense and let the serene pictures of the lake - taken from various spots around it - speak for themselves. To me they are simply beautiful in their serenity.

The shadowplay along the shores was good for some very nice mirror reflections.

Following the path further around the pond I wanted to take a picture of little blossoms - a brown smudge in the focus gave me a little start when I brought it sharply into focus. 

The amount of still blooming plants along the walkways is astonishing and made for really nice splashs of color in the green.

Some of the bushes were also laden with berries.

Nearly back to my point of origin I saw a pair of pigeons on top of a tree. One of them perched on a leafless branch overlooking the lake.

The last thing I saw before leaving was this place that is apparently meant as a rest area for the residents who live in the nearby houses.

Once again I changed some of the pictures to black and white to show the difference it can make for their mood.