March 29, 2014


Random Balcony Pics


Today was the first day where the sun was shining bright enough to make the air feel warm and smelling of Spring. So I decided it was high time that I prepare the balcony for the warmer season. 


Below are a few pics taken today. With one plant already in bloom, a hibiscus, the others strive to get there soon, too.

The second hibiscus tree is also well on its way into budding.

The fig tree is starting to bud and there are even tiny figs on it already.

Looking forward to see, if my dwarf apple tree will give me apples this year already or if I have to wait until next year.

The furfaces loved to get out again also and today's catnap was held outside.

I guess it is safe to say that human and cat are looking forward to the balcony oasis that will come to life again during the next weeks.