June 4, 2015


State Horticultural Show Landau


On the first real summer day of this year I went to Landau to visit the State Horticultural Show there. The concept is quite different to other horticulture shows, because there are not only the gardens, but also the development of a new city quarter. The area is also marked by the contrast between former military buildings and the garden exhibits. 

The parking lot is quite a bit away from the entrance I chose. Along the way are flower signs that were painted in vivid colors by children. 

At the moment there are many colorful flower beds along the walkways - many of them include the purple alliums.

I really love these spheres - therefore I took a closer look at them and their beautifully detailed petals.

Currently there are orchids on display in one of the former tank halls. Regrettably it was only in the process of getting set up so a lot of the designated spots were still empty.

What I really liked was the mix of wild and cultivated flowers. A lot of the flower beds contained for example poppies.

I have no idea what this is. Found it in one of the garden tents and thought it looked quite interesting.

Many delicate flowers of all varieties can be found here.

A part of the area is set up with wood stacks and wildflowers next to them. Most likely to provide a habitat for insects like bees and butterflies.

It was there that I saw a bee-like insect that I had never seen before. It turned out that it is called a wood bee (Xylocopa violacea). I added the last pic even though it is very blurred, because there you can see that their wings are indeed blue.

Of course there were also quite a few "normal" bees around.

To the outer perimeter of the garden grounds consists mostly of wildflower meadows. 

Here I found not only this - despite the wind - nearly undamaged dandelion...

... but also quite a few thistles.

These chairs invited people to sit under a tree in the middle of a patch of poppies.

Not just any tree though, but one with many colorful birdhouses in it.

Another really pleasant thing is the contrast of colors.

And of course there were giant daisies again. 

There is a 25 meter high tower from which you have a great view across the horticulture show, the surrounding landscape, the city of Landau and of course the Palatinate Forest.

I had caught a glimpse of those from up on the tower already. These are discs that are meant to move in the slightest breeze and reflect the sunlight.

This is called "the creative village" - the huts were built with branches and ribbons of cloth.

Next to one of the old buildings is a perfect mix between a vineyard and a flower garden.

My personal highlight were the roses in all their different colors and in all their glory.

Even though this rose is damaged it is still beautiful.

There even is a small faux temple garden.

In a gateway of a building is this beautiful sculpture.

Conclusion: While the Landau horticulture show is quite different from the one that took place for example in Mannheim it is nevertheless worth a visit. Especially families might enjoy the various recreational activities for kids and teenagers, e.g. playgrounds or creative action.