August 11, 2013


Racoons and Wasps and Wolves, oh my...


I headed over to the Tiergarten in Worms today for a little photo tour - and here are the results.


There are baby racoons at the Tiergarten at the moment - and watching them is a real hoot.

I have no idea what the deal with these wasps was. They seemed to sit on that pole for no good reason whatsoever. Except maybe that the blob of white could have been ice-cream, but who knows?

They have a huge compound for the wolves at the Tiergarten. You can watch them from various spots, be it wooden bridges or (smudged) windows. So when you see pics with a slight foggy look to them - those were made through these windows. 

The Rest: More pics of animals, but also of plants in what they call an "adventure garden". This garden is mostly used by school classes for projects, e.g. working as a team on growing plants (mostly vegetables).