September 8, 2013


Two Walldorf Landmarks...


On a whim I decided to visit two places in my hometown Walldorf that I really like a lot. 


First I went to The Astorhaus. Named after Walldorf's famous son John Jacob Astor (July 17, 1763 - March 29, 1848) it houses today the museum as well as the registrar's office. The building itself is well-preserved and located in a nice little park.

Afterwards I went to the lake that is located within the Hochholz Forest. On my way I saw several deer, alas, they moved too fast and were gone before I could catch them with the camera. 


The lake is a very quiet and peaceful place, so it is quite relaxing to go for a leisurely stroll around it. Of course you could also just sit on one of the many benches and watch the water and the ducks.