April 10, 2015


Weinheim - Palace Gardens & Show Garden Hermannshof

Today I went to Weinheim to see the palace gardens and the show garden Hermannshof that I had visited once before already. The weather was beautiful and it was actually quite warm. 

My first stop was at Weinheim Castle which also houses the townhall.

The buildings are mostly red sandstone with whitewashed walls.

Through a little park you get to the entrance to the palace gardens.

There is a small lake in front of an old tower - and on the hilltop behind it you can see one of the two fortresses that are located above Weinheim.

The gardens are still a bit barren during this time of the year although the landscape is very nice.

Throughout the gardens are quite a few nice things like statues, urns, a fountain and a sundial.

I am sure this "cave" plays its part in childrens' games.

After a last look down on the herb garden I made my way across the street to the show garden Hermannshof.

You get a stunning view across part of the garden from the entrance already.

Around this time of the year the tulips are still in full bloom. They can be found in a lot of varieties all over the place.

The feeling here is not that of a cultivated garden but rather gives the impression of meadows that could be found anywhere in nature - be it forest or prairie. I think it is absolutely beautiful.

This is the building that houses the garden management. There is also a little shop where you can buy e.g. seeds. 

Some dried or just growing buds can look very nice too.

Along an old stonewall are beautifully gnarled trunks that will be covered in green leaves in the summertime. By then they will have also created a green tunnel where people can sit in the shade on one of the many benches.

At this little pond I really had to look twice to realize that these turtles were indeed real. 

My absolute highlight of the day were the magnolia trees. The delicate petals of their blossoms are really beautiful. 

Stunning contrast between the magnolias and the blue sky.

Amazingly enough those blossoms still have a certain beauty even when they are at the end of their life cycle.

The view across the grass in the middle of the garden.

Several cherry trees grow along the path.

I really do love their blossoms.

I am a real sucker for daisies - so here you go. They can be found throughout the garden in white and purple color.

Some flowers are set in a nice contrast to their surroundings.

I only saw a few lavender plants - the mass will bloom only a bit later.

Last but not least - "The Rest".