April 9, 2015


Wildlife Park Rheingoenheim - again


Due to the fact that the wildlife park is so close to where I live it is one of my favorite places to go for a nice stroll. Whenever I come here I often see something new or variations of things I have already seen. 


The first animal I encountered today was a squirrel that fled from some children and then settled on a fence post. 

You can tell that the birds are used to people leaving crumbs on the ground, because I came across quite a few of them not even trying to get away from me for fear of losing out on their prize.

One of the park's meadows.

The aurochs enclosure. I love watching those impressive beasts - especially when there is also a calf around.

Just relaxing on the ground...

... or obviously considering a nap. 

One of the meadows is the home of deer. It seems the stag is in the process of growing its antlers back.

Serene views of the lake and from a bridge across a waterway.

In and around the lake there are quite a few water birds.

Looking up after hearing a ruckus coming from high up in a tree I saw this raven. 

On one of the waterways a herd of doe grazing on the fresh grass. Every now an then one of them jumped on the other side to see if the grass was really greener over there.

Following the smell I reached the compound of the wild boars.

One of the piglets seemed to be extraordinarily long...

It is quite amazing how much these eyes resemble the human version.

The velvet texture of the skin can be seen already.

The only way I want to enjoy a Spring lamb - especially a black one - is watching it fool around among some branches.

The last thing I saw before leaving the park was - Grumpy Kid...