April 6, 2014


Horticultural Fair Kaiserslautern


Feeling the need to go outside and take a walk in the sun, I decided to head for Kaiserslautern to visit the area where the horticultural fair took place in the year 2000. 

At the entrance there is a giant dinosaur egg that is just hatching a dinosaur. I wondered what that was about...

To enter the fair I needed to walk across a pedestrian bridge - and therefore the first impression of the area is from a higher point of view. 

After actually arriving at the fair grounds it became clear why there is a dinosaur egg, because there is a dinosaur valley with many life-like models of different dinosaurs from different ages. This is very nice, especially for kids.

The whole area is beautifully landscaped with gentle slopes, little lakes and rivulets and many colorful flower beds.

The flowers are a riot of color.

And there are so many details that can be explored.


Like the anthers of tulips...

...these small flowers that amaze with their many tiny petals...

...new buds on a tree...

...or simply a beautiful small bellflower next to the path.

There is also a rose garden where the roses were not yet in bloom though. But I can imagine how beautiful it must look once they are - especially in the stark contrast to the wrought iron trellis.

This water-spouting frog is an inhabitant of a fountain inside the rose garden.

I was especially fascinated by the remnants of dew. 


In the grass...

...on tiny daisies...

...or other green plants.

I don't know the name of these flowers but I really liked their texture and color.

All over the park are little rivulets that can be crossed either by bridge or by stepping stones. 

On one of the meadows I saw these daisies. They are growing in abundance all over the grass.

The meadows that can be glimpsed through the trees have a nearly magical air about them. Somehow I nearly expected to see one or two faeries there.

The same goes for the rivulets and little lakes.

In one of them a male duck was dabbling in the water.

Hiking up the path to the Kaiserberg - a small hill overlooking the fair - I came across these lizards.

Through a little forest I made my way up to the peak. 


Passing a tower ruin...

...and following beautiful pathways...

...a strange sandstone sculpture between the trees...

...and more flowers along the way...

...I made it to the top. 


There I found a biblical garden.

A bit further up there is even a church made of climbing plants - and it is actually used during the summer.

The "dome" of the church can be seen through the reeds.

Next to the patch of reed is this sculpture of ravens and orbs. 

There is also a little pavillon that is used as a dancefloor whenever there are events that include music.

A bit to the side there are several wooden figures.

And I found this dandelion that is in beautiful contrast to the bark.

This bronze statue bid me farewell as I left the area of the horticultural fair to make my way to the Japanese Garden.