April 6, 2014


Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern


Only a short distance away from the Horticultural Fair there is the Japanese Garden. It was created in 1997 and became quickly the largest of its kind in Europe. 

The entrance to the garden is through a traditional Japanese gateway.

The little trees to the sides of the gate are beautifully trimmed.

And there are two trees in the entrance area - one large, one small - that are even growing through the brick wall. 

Only a short distance in there is the first of several tiny stone houses that can be found all over the area.

There are many other beautiful stone sculptures in the garden. 

Through a red gate a path leads to the right - up a little hill.

Following the trail to the left I came across the first little lake wich is also the location of an amphitheatre.

Around that area there are many sights - all of them invite the visitor to sit on one of the many benches and just enjoy the peace of the scenery.

All over the garden are bushes of Japanese camellia. They are absolutely beautiful in their color and detail. 

Even the buds are already a sight to see.

The next lake is the home of many koi fish - some of them are really big. Those can be fed by the visitors with special fish food. The duck was definitely unperturbed by their size though.

Continuing on the path I spotted a single magnolia flower between the trees.

Another flower that did not really fit in could be spotted in the dust next to the path.

Along the shore are little stone peninsulas on which water lilies grow.

And here is also the duck from earlier - clearly tired from all that swimming amongst the koi.

On the far side of the lake there is the tradional Japanese tea house. A wonderfully quiet and peaceful spot.

Near the tea house (you can see it in the background) is this wonderfully sculpted tree.

At a curve in the path sits this buddha - inviting visitors to rub its belly for good luck.

Through a copse of cherry trees the path started to rise up the little hill.

I really liked the contrast between the delicate blossoms and the roughness of the stone.

There - tucked away in a little forest niche - is the sculpture of a buddha. Someone had placed an offering in the form of buttercups into its hands.

The buttercups gleamed in the sun - and also attracted this butterfly.

This stark difference between the green moss and the stone caught my eye.

Following the path further up I caught this glimpse of the lake below.

And a little bit futher I was rewarded by this picture of a cherry tree in full bloom.

Across a bridge...

...with this vista...

...and down this path...

...I came to this pond.

At its far side there were bamboo pipes that are supposedly spouting water.

Here - between the rocks - I found this strange looking little fern.

And also some buds nestled between green leafs.

Another - larger - buddha sits at the crossing where a path leads down towards the exit - through the red gate you saw earlier.

Before leaving the Japanese Garden for good I could not resist taking two pictures of the giant feet made of rocks.