July 10, 2015


Maudacher Bruch in the Summertime


You might remember the pics I took at the Maudacher Bruch in Autumn. It is a beautiful place and well worth visiting during any season. To me the colors in the Summer are even more vibrant than they were in the Fall. 

The main lake is surrounded by forest and fields. Looking at the paths leading through the dense forest you would not believe that the city is actually very close.

You can see the city across the wheat fields. 

The lake is an incredibly peaceful place that a lot of people enjoy exploring on foot or on bike. It offers different views as you move around it - each and every one of them beautiful.

Today the really fascinating part of my stay there were the many insects. They were enjoying the grass, water and sunshine and especially the dragonflies were a sight to see as the flew at high speed across the water. The ones below could be found close to the water's edge. 

On a leaf I found a wasp...

... and on a blade of grass this little guy. 

Water striders were zipping all over the lake.

In the reed a waterfowl was looking for something to eat.

It's cousins were lounging on and around the island in the middle of the lake. 

A pigeon looking for grains.

Naturally there are a lot of plants around the lake - some of them green and some with blossoms.

I got lucky with the weather too - the sun was shining through the trees.

Of course there are bumblebees around the flowers too.

And last but not least - the butterflies.

I turned some of the photographs into black and white again to show how different the mood of the scene can be without the presence of color.